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We’re Here for You 24/7

We take the security of our customers’ properties seriously. Nothing is more important to us. Whereas faceless corporations provide minimal services and only want to boost their bottom line, we work for you. What’s most important to us is your comfort and happiness. We make it happen by delivering adaptive services based on what you need, rather than what we want to provide. You can build a security system the way you want it, and we will monitor it. Our alarm monitoring and property management services help Lower Mainland customers succeed. Our team members are on call 24/7 in a high-tech facility, enabling them to respond to situations quickly and effectively. You won’t regret choosing SDI Strategic Defence Inc for all your security needs.

Our Two-Pronged Approach to Facility Security

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior security services to our customers. Keeping your property secure is more than a “business hours” task. The real work begins when you shut off the lights and lock the doors. We monitor properties when our customers aren’t there. Founded in 1997, we’ve rolled with our customers changing demands and update our offerings to keep up with technology. Our two services are:

Alarm Monitoring

We work directly with alarm system dealers to provide more efficient systems and protocols. Our work has made businesses and other properties safer and more secure. We accomplish our lofty goals by utilizing the best technology has to offer us and the sterling work of our entire team. Discover the benefits of working with us today.

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Property Management

There’s little point in installing a new security system without a crack team built to respond to both minor and pressing situations. For instance, if a burglar enters your building while your offices are closed, we can handle the tripped alarm system by contacting the authorities. We also offer customized protocols if you prefer we contact you first.

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Our Promise: We Deliver the Best for Your Security Needs

We’re in the business of security. We deliver and maintain it for customers as diverse as apartment complexes and alarm dealers. Our ability to customize our offerings means there’s no chance we can’t accommodate your needs. We thrive in pressure-cooker situations, whether in designing protocols for stressful situations or responding to emergency calls. That’s our promise.

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